Teaching prenatal yoga is a calling and a gift that transforms not just the lives of your students but your own as well. I'm no longer offering prenatal yoga certification. I don't recommend any other programs personally as I'm no longer familiar with the current offerings. Best of luck and many, many happy years teaching!

Create love, peace and compassion in the world with Prenatal Yoga!

  • Did you love your prenatal yoga class?
  • Did you dream of teaching it yourself one day?
  • Or perhaps you're already teaching yoga and want to teach pregnant women!
  • Or maybe you're the one who gets just a little nervous (or a LOT nervous!) when a pregnant woman shows up in your class or one of your regular students becomes pregnant?

Teaching prenatal yoga is a calling and a gift that you have the opportunity to give to women growing beautiful babies. Please join me for a magical short course on how to teach prenatal yoga!

The I Love Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is for all of you! We're going to have a fun weekend together learning all about poses for the pregnant woman - what she should do and what she shouldn't do!

Imagine that the next time someone pregnant shows up in your yoga class, you know exactly what to do and feel comfortable modifying poses for them! That would feel great! And that's exactly how you'll feel after you take this course.

"After taking Elizabeth's Prenatal Yoga Workshop, I feel knowledgeable, comfortable and confident accepting pregnant women into my classes. Her presentation of how the dynamics of yoga can be helpful through pregnancy, delivery, and post delivery was excellent!"

Melanie Weschler
Yoga Instructor

Prenatal Yoga Training Details

We're going to cover:

Included are 16 Class Sequences - 4 months worth! 
  • Understanding the Prenatal Yoga Student
  • How to Structure a Prenatal Yoga Class
  • Postures & Sequences for Pregnancy
  • Modifications for Pregnancy & Contraindications
  • Postures for Common Ailments of Pregnancy
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Ethics of Teaching Prenatal Yoga
  • Group Principles & Community Building

Abby O'Conner Abby O'Conner, Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

"The Prenatal Yoga teacher training was an amazing experience and a very personal one for me. This helped me to better understand why certain positions are better for the growing belly and the safety of the pregnant body. Knowing how each pose feels while pregnant, as well as not, made me more confident to teach. I am thankful to Elizabeth for all of the knowledge, energy, advice, and love she brings to the table in her practice. I would recommend her Prenatal Yoga training to anyone!"

Tanya Magney Tanya Magney, Yoga Instructor

"I loved taking my teacher prenatal yoga training class with Elizabeth. The class was very organied and came with a lovely manual that was very helpful. The class had a comfortable casual atmosphere which made learning and asking questions easy. She covered topics that included helpful teaching techniques as well.  She gave enough information and guidelines to feel confident and encouraged incorporating your own style. A wonderful experience! Thank you! "


Award Winning Instructor!

Yogafairy wins Broward Family Life Award 2016

Yogafairy wins Broward Family Life Magazine's 2016 award for "Best Gym or Exercise Class!"

Favorite Prenatal Fitness Program Award

Yogafairy wins Favorite Prenatal Fitness Program Award 2013!

Your Teacher


Dr. Liz! Founder of Yogafairy Prenatal Yoga and your Instructor

I'm Elizabeth Bonet, "Dr. Liz." I owned, operated, and taught in what has become the most successful and longest running prenatal yoga classes in one of the largest metropolitan areas of the United States - Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Yogafairy classes have been full with a waiting list for over ten years.

I ranked #22 in the 2014 Top 100 Leading Moms in Business and Broward Family Life Magazine's "Best Prenatal Fitness Program" 2013 and "Best Exercise Class" 2016.

More important than all the award listed above, my prenatal yoga classes have helped thousands of moms meet, connect, and continue friendships far beyond pregnancy.Top 100 Leading Moms in Business I have been honored to be a part of their journey and see and witness their lives transform due to prenatal yoga.

Second to motherhood, teaching prenatal yoga has transformed my life in ways I could have never imagined. I never dreamed that I would end up being a prenatal yoga teacher, but I
took a yoga class in the final year of my graduate program and something deep inside me clicked.

In fact, after my first class or two I decided to become a yoga teacher. I gave myself two more years to practice at home, to take classes, etc., and then if I still wanted to do it, I would go for it. And that's pretty much what happened. Right after I got my training, I became pregnant with Mia.

I loved my prenatal yoga class and my teacher. And she wanted me to teach for her. I felt like I hit the jackpot!

Little did I know that it would become so transformative for my life, my daughters' lives, and for the lives of thousands of women. Little did I know that I would end up teaching yoga for 15+ years.

I have a doctorate in clinical psychology and a specialty in prenatal and postpartum anxiety and depression (PMD) with a private practice in Hollywood, FL. I believe that the community and friendships created in prenatal yoga are crucial for new motherhood and for the prevention of PMD.  I'm also a single mom to two girls. I benefit from their creative and gentle spirits every day and I'm so grateful that they have made my journey serving other women possible.

I'm here to share that knowledge with you

So that even more love, peace and yoga magic is spread in the world through Prenatal Yoga!

Prenatal Yoga Training creates love and compassion in the world!

"Elizabeth is an expert in prenatal yoga. Her years of experience give great insight into the market, practice, and ethics of prenatal yoga. She is now passing her knowledge on to the next generation, so community can ctoninue to grow and flourish. Thanks for everything, Elizabeth!"

Katherine Hall
Dance Instructor and Yoga Teacher


Course Dates - The When, the Where, the What!

Signing Up is Easy! Just check the course dates for the next training.


  • Where

    The next training will most likely be at the Yoga Institute of Broward in Cooper City, FL.

  • When

    Sat/Sun from 1-6 both days (10 hours total). I’m looking into arranging a training for April 2018. (Last update: February 2018)

  • Cost

    The cost is dependent on the location.
    I try my best to keep it affordable
    for yoga instructors!
    Usually between $350-$450.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Florida

Email elizabeth@iloveprenatalyoga.com and ask to be notified of the next training!